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3 pOstmOrtems (for Robert Rauschenberg)

3 pOstmOrtems (for Robert Rauschenberg) *** (idea) composed May 12th, 2008 *  composed of 3 pOstmOrtem sections from the viral symphOny *  instructions  play 3 pOstmOrtems simultaniously at 10 seconds out of sync (each) so 1 pOstmOrtem and 3 pOstmOrtem … Continue reading

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Destroyer of Naivetés at the Journée Neurosciences, Esthétique et Complexité

Around 2pm on Saturday September 28th I will be showing a new live viral projection (with Stephane Sikora) as part of the Journée Neurosciences, Esthétique et Complexité program at the Amphithéâtre Lavoisier at the Centre Universitaire des Saint-Pères 45 rue … Continue reading

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