Odyssey pandemOnium paintings featured in Cybernetics & Human Knowing: A Journal of Second Order Cybernetics, Autopoiesis & Cybersemiotics


Some of my velvet Odyssey pandemOnium paintings, last shown in 2015 in NYC at Galerie Richard (121 Orchard Street), have been featured in the current issue of Cybernetics & Human Knowing : A Journal of Second Order Cybernetics, Autopoiesis & Cybersemiotics (volume 24 http://chkjournal.com/node/250 on Systems, Power, and the Phenomenological Basis of Triadic Semiotics) and are online here http://chkjournal.com/node/258

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Art review of Alia Farid’s Between Dig and Display

3 Burqas (2017) Silkscreen print, 87 x 116 cm

My art review of Alia Farid’s show Between Dig and Display at Galerie Imane Farès (Paris)


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Joseph Nechvatal photographed by Alexandra Breznay


Photographs of me at work in the Paris studio by Alexandra Breznay

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BIRTH AS CRITERION by Jure Detela as translated by Raymond Miller

God puts to the test, not I.

I only verify

what has been reported.

In God there is no doubt,

there is no malice.

The starry child

of Lappish legend—

a status symbol.

THEREFORE it is good luck

for me if I

move down the blade.


To transcend being

trapped in perception?


with portents of death?

How the sensuality in me scatters!

There is no more law

for my eyes.

Blood is spilled throughout the world,

but to no end.

Nothing is

consoled by it.

No guilt is washed

away by it.

It lacks a whole speck

of the world.

It seems to be

that I look through it,

though I see nothing,

nothing except for it.

Here I am smaller

than I ever was

in all the history

of the cosmos.

Just one tiny,

tiny happiness

that is not mine at all.

A spark enveloped

by a huge, compact


as if by a wrapper.

Which something alien

searches for constantly.

How lovely it is

if you relinquish

the very last defense

of the body.

And to know that

there is no small nook

in the whole cosmos

where hovering and floating

can completely commingle.

And to be condemned to

the duality of

one’s own mind,

which something totally

unknown imagines

for all eternity.


To be without

salvation for

all eternity!

And to be a huge

portent of death left

for the sovereign use

of various worlds.

Not like an angel,

who moves and who dances,

but something massive

and immobile.

Even more!

To be the only

incarnation of death.

I am the first to

proclaim its beauty

for all time.

Because I know that for

its birth it wants

only my body,

which is eternal.

And all previous


into living and dead

it declares to be wrong.

Just one fate is enough

for all eras to

blaze up in it like

a camera flash.

Nothing is forgotten

in all of history.

God learns from

my example.


– Jure Detela (b. Ljubljana, 1951; d. Ljubljana 1992) 



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Review of For the Selenites Pleasure

My Hyperallergic review of Alun Williams’s show of paintings: For the Selenites Pleasure at Galerie Anne Barrault (Paris)


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Review of Lucio Fontana : Crosses

closer look at Crocifisso (1955-1957)

My art review at Hyperallergic of Lucio Fontana : Crosses at Galerie Karsten Greve (Paris)


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Body Esc : TABOO – TRANSGRESSION – TRANSCENDENCE in Art & Science (Corfu)

Cyclops (piano eye) projectionDSC_0010Cyclops (piano eye) projection 3Cyclops (piano eye) projection 2DSC_0004.jpg(2)

Photos from the opening of the exhibition Body Esc – where my Cyclops (piano eye) projection was shown. The show was integrated in the program of the conference Taboo-Transgression-Transcendence in Art & Science – part of the 11th Audiovisual Arts Festival and took place at the Municipal Gallery in Corfu from May 25th to June 4th, 2017.

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