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Since 1986 Joseph Nechvatal has worked with ubiquitous electronic visual information, computers and computer-robotics. His computer-robotic assisted paintings and computer software animations are shown regularly in galleries and museums throughout the world. From 1991-1993 he worked as artist-in-resident at the Louis Pasteur Atelier and the Saline Royale / Ledoux Foundation’s computer lab in Arbois, France on The Computer Virus Project: an experiment with computer viruses as a creative stratagem. In 2002 he extended that artistic research into the field of viral artificial life through his collaboration with the programmer Stéphane Sikora. Dr. Nechvatal earned his Ph.D. in the philosophy of art and new technology at The Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts (CAiiA) University of Wales College, Newport, UK and occasionally teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York City (SVA). His book of essays “Towards an Immersive Intelligence: Essays on the Work of Art in the Age of Computer Technology and Virtual Reality (1993-2006)” was published by Edgewise Press in 2009. In 2011 his book “Immersion Into Noise” was published by the University of Michigan Library’s Scholarly Publishing Office in conjunction with Open Humanities Press You can follow him on Twitter at @twinkletwink Homepage here:

web documentation of the exhibition Joseph Nechvatal: Paintings: 1986-1987

Recent web documentation of the Joseph Nechvatal: Paintings: 1986-1987 art exhibit held February 9 – March 20, 1988 at University Galleries of Illinois State University, curated by Barry Blinderman, has been uploaded here: Advertisements

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Art review of Agustin Fernandez, Paradoxe de la Jouissance 

 My art review of Agustin Fernandez, Paradoxe de la Jouissance at the Mairie du 4e arrondissement, 2, place Baudoyer 75004 Paris has been published at Hyperallergic 

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Immersion Into Noise lecture/demo

In case you missed it 6 years ago: my Immersion Into Noise lecture/demo at Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM) in Karlsruhe Germany on 10/27/2012

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ExStasis Ovid

ExStasis Ovid is a digitized section of my low-res stop-action puppet show animation originally recorded on video tape in 1986. The audio track contains Jane Smith reading a section of Ovid’s epic poem Metamorphoses.

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Review of art brut Turbulence in the Balkans

My review of Turbulences dans les Balkans (Turbulence in the Balkans) at Halle Saint Pierre, 2 rue Ronsard, 18tharrondissement Paris has been published at Hyperallergic

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Review of Dancing with Myself at the Pinault Collection

My art review of the multi-decade self-portraiture show Dancing with Myself at Pinault Collection, Punta della Dogana, Venice, Italy has been published at Hyperallergic

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Homage to Glenn Branca

I am mourning the passing of my downtown colleague Glenn Branca. In 1983 Glenn asked me to do a stage set for Inroads, a mini-theater at 150 Mercer Street, in front of which groups, including early Sonic Youth, played. I … Continue reading

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